Put the Smart back into your Smart Contracts

Off Chain Data's API empowers your smart contract by giving them a reliable and useful source of information about what is happening in the real world.

Off Chain Data

Simplify the integration of external data into your Oracle Services.

Easy-to-use API

Our simple API gives you quick and simple access to a set of useful data points that you can immediately plug into your smart contracts.

Data designed for Smart Contracts

Our endpoints serve data that fill the gaps found in many use cases in smart contract development.

Blockchain agnostic services

Our API is Blockchain agnostic and can be integrated natively with the most widely used public blockchain protocols like the Ethereum, Bitcoin, Rootstock, EOS mainnets and testnets.

Oracle Network Middleware New

Enable middleware for specific networks thereby reducing the computational work your application or node is required to perform.

Starting with Chainlink, enable middleware for each endpoint ensuring that data is returned in the format required by the network.